Finding My Daughter Rebekkah R. A.

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I am missing you everyday since March 2020. You have been on my heart/mind since your Sister & I had to leave SF under circumstances we could not control. I cried and have heartache now that we haven't seen /spoken to each other since we lived at Tranquilla Inn. Rebekkah, Sweetheart, your Sister & I miss you deeply. I love you and have tremendous concern for you now that things in this world have changed. I am searching the web and calling old numbers, trying to find you. Please write to Granmas house in Oklahoma. We are there now. I sent you a letter addressed to the IAIA school. Are you okay? Where are you now, Rebekkah? I wish I knew more about where you are. I'm always searching. I'm always here, Sweetheart. I love you and am grasping Faith in God that we are reunited again. Please, please reach out to me through my email: imraisedagain. I constantly email your old emails. "Cancercats" but it's not in use. I pray God gives us a link somewhere. I'm praying for you. I love you dearly. Please be safe. Please be healthy and warm. I'll punch a hole in this world to come to you. Just say the word. I am searching everyday. I love you Sweetheart. Rebekkah Ruth, I'll never stop searching for ya. Your my heart. Please see this advert.

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