Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

DOE’s Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA), Idaho National Laboratory (INL), and testing partner Electric Transportation Applications initiated Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) testing activities during the second half of 2006. PHEVs are similar to hybrid electric vehicles with a few exceptions – PHEVs have much larger battery packs, allowing for increased all-electric and/or electric-assist range, and PHEVs must be connected to the electric grid to fully recharge the onboard battery packs. The AVTA’s initial testing tasks include:

  • Development of PHEV testing specifications and test procedures. These are currently in the review and comment stage; when complete, they will be used to perform dynamometer and closed track testing on PHEVs.
  • The AVTA has obtained two PHEV models, with a third model being built. All three PHEV models (Toyota Priuses converted by EnergyCS and Hymotion, and a Renault Kangoo) are being baseline performance-tested.
  • The three PHEVs will also be fleet tested in the Phoenix, Arizona area.
  • Data collection has started for several EnergyCS-converted Toyota Prius PHEVs that are operating in several California fleets.
  • As the testing specifications and procedures are finalized, and sufficient data collected and analyzed, all testing results will be posted on these AVTA Webpages.


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