Improved Fuel Economy…

hybrid fuel pump

Saves You Money

You can save $200-$1,500 in fuel costs each year by choosing the most efficient vehicle that meets your needs. This can add up to thousands of dollars over a vehicle’s lifetime. Fuel-efficient models come in all shapes and sizes, so you don’t have to sacrifice utility or size.

You can also increase the fuel economy of you current vehicle by adopting good driving habits and maintaining your vehicle.


oil costs

Strengthens National Energy Security

Better fuel economy can reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

More than half of the gasoline we put in our cars comes from oil imported from other countries.

Petroleum imports cost us over $4.4 billion a week—that’s money that could be used to fuel our own economy.


Protects the Environment

Burning fossil fuels such as gasoline or diesel contributes to a number of environmental problems, such as air pollution (smog) and global climate change. In addition, spills from refining and transporting oil and petroleum products damage ecosystems and pollute groundwater and streams.

Conserves Resources

Almost all of the cars and trucks we drive run on fuels derived from oil. Oil is a non-renewable resource, and while there is some debate as to how long this resource will last, we will eventually have to find new ways to power highway vehicles. Until other alternatives are developed, it makes sense to use fossil resources such as oil more efficiently to buy time to develop new and better energy sources and to make the transition to these sources smoother and less expensive.




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