Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), as defined by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct), include any dedicated, flexible-fuel, or dual-fuel vehicle designed to operate on at least one alternative fuel. Alternative fuel vehicles come in a variety of vehicle models such as sedans, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans, shuttle buses, medium-duty vehicles (such as delivery trucks), heavy-duty buses, and heavy-duty trucks. AFVs can easily be used in consumer or fleet applications, and incentives are available to make them cost effective for both. To learn more about how EPAct can affect fleets, go to the EPAct Web site.

Use these pages to view current alternative fuel vehicle models and learn about their specifications, costs, and availability. You can learn about where to purchase, fuel, and maintain AFVs as well. If you are interested in knowing the fuel economy of any OEM manufactured alternative fuel, hybrid, or conventional vehicle, you can get this information in the Fuel Economy Guide or order a hard copy of the guide.

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